The event 'One Piece Premier Summer' is currently being held at Universal Studios Japan (USJ). This limited-time event is a collaboration with Eiichiro Oda's 'ONE PIECE' and has become a big hit, with the live show 'ONE PIECE PREMIER SHOW 2023' being one of its main attractions.

The show has been highly acclaimed every year for its outstanding scale and quality, and the total number of visitors since the first show in 2007 has exceeded 1.5 million. From this year, the staging restrictions due to the pandemic have been lifted, making the show even more exciting.

This time I'll be reporting on this spectacularly thrilling show. The important parts of the story will not be revealed in this article, so be sure to hurry on down to go and watch the show before it closes on Tuesday, October 10.

In 'ONE PIECE PREMIER SHOW 2023,' Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates can be seen up close as an original story unfolds, and a battle ensues. This year, for the first time in four years, the popular staging involving the guest seating area is back, along with the meet and greet where Luffy and his crew come down to high-five the audience, and people are allowed to cheer again.

The show has many new features, such as water effects and original music composed by Kohei Tanaka, who has composed many 'ONE PIECE' songs. These pleasantly surprising new elements are sure to pique the interest of even those who come to watch the show every year.

Before the start of the main show, Brook and Usopp come on stage to teach the audience the dance to the new song. The audience of nearly 3,000 people become one with the characters by singing and dancing all together. The 'NAKAMA Towel,' sold exclusively at the park, plays an important role in this dance, so you may want to get your hands on one from the store beforehand.

Usopp and Brook liven up the crowd Usopp and Brook liven up the crowd

The towel is a must-have! The towel is a must-have!

Once Luffy and his crew appear from the back of the venue, the audience instantly explodes with excitement! Luffy jumps and weaves through the audience as if to overtly disregard the restrictions of the past four years, bringing on appreciative cheers from the audience.

The audience explodes with excitement as Luffy appears The audience explodes with excitement as Luffy appears

The story begins as Rebecca from the Dressrosa Arc appears on stage. She explains that Vivi of the Arabasta Kingdom, Shirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom, and Viola of Dressrosa are in great danger, and asks the Straw Hat Pirates to help save them.

The story begins as Rebecca visits the Straw Hats The story begins as Rebecca visits the Straw Hats

The Straw Hats are shocked by the news headline, "Three Princesses Arrested for Heinous Crimes that Stunned the Nations," and head to the enemy's home territory with Rebecca.

The Straw Hats arrive at the enemy's territory and encounter an organization called the Black Kingdom. Its general, Ven Vendler, stands before the Straw Hat Pirates. He is an original character exclusive to this show, and the voice actor is Junichi Suwabe.

Ven Vendler, the show's original character Ven Vendler, the show's original character

Vendler's mysterious powers back the Straw Hat Pirates into a corner Vendler's mysterious powers back the Straw Hat Pirates into a corner

It turns out that Vendler is not the only one who the Straw Hats must contend with. Doflamingo, King, Crocodile, Fujitora, and other powerful enemies from the series appear one after another. There are so many characters other than those depicted in the key visuals, and I found myself exclaiming, "Ah!" many times throughout the show.

The Straw Hats battle it out with each of the characters, and the surprising combinations of these confrontations are unique to 'ONE PIECE PREMIER SHOW 2023.'

Zoro and Fujitora Zoro and Fujitora

Doflamingo and Sanji Doflamingo and Sanji

Jinbe and Crocodile Jinbe and Crocodile

Special effects using water and flames play a major part in the battles against the powerful enemies. The spectacular battles from 'ONE PIECE' are expressed brilliantly with water splashing in time with special moves and flames blasting out from the set as the enemy attacks.

Blasts of water, smoke, and flames! Blasts of water, smoke, and flames!

There is action all over the set, with laughter here, fierce battles there, and a character appearing from the audience... The 75-minute show flies by as the audience tries to keep up with the fast-paced developments of the show.

Look who's upstage...! Look who's upstage...!

After the final showdown, Luffy shouts out, "Let's party!" signaling the start of the meet and greet around the guest seating area. The sense of unity in the venue reaches its peak, leaving the audience enthralled by an experience they could not have anywhere else.

It ends with the line, It ends with the line,

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